Monday, September 26, 2011

HPC10: Minetta Tavern

Sae taking a picture of himself taking a picture of Minetta, he's so meta

Minetta Tavern is a celebrity haunt; it is as notorious for the inability to obtain a dinner reservation between the hours of 6-11, as it is for the cote de boeuf with bone marrow. For this reason Pandas descended upon the restaurant for the more accessible Sunday brunch. (In reality, I just wanted to eat the duck hash and needed some friends to offset the cost). Keith McNally has a talent for creating atmosphere, much like Balthazaar transports you to Parisian Nights, Minetta takes you to an earlier American era. Much like the treatment of asians in that era, we were relegated to the very first table next to the door, either to instill in us the idea that we needed to vacate our table as soon as possible, or to make sure our cheap asian selves don't try to dine and dash without the maitre d' seeing.

overpriced black label burger $26

Unfortunately, I did not alert everyone that the thing to eat is the $26 black label burger, sorry Sae! However, delicious food was had by all. I don't really remember who was there or what was ordered outside of those immediately next to me, but I recall seeing many plates of burgers and slow baked ham in hay. Of course the delicious duck hash mentioned earlier that I somehow tricked the entire group to get three orders. I ate one by myself.

duck hash $9 / chwang #1 is evil

Karen asked me what the best restaurants in New York are. I hate that question, especially because of the inevitability of being asked if you are perceived to enjoy food. Restaurants are like bands, everyone has their own tastes. Whether you enjoy the saccharine stylings of a Serendipity III, or the big name headliners of Flay and Batali. Shake Shack is like the Beatles. Everyone likes the Beatles.

Minetta Tavern
113 MacDougal St (b/w Bleecker & W. 3rd)
New York, NY 10012

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