Monday, September 26, 2011

HPC11: Maharlika 2 Electric Boogaloo

A little backstory...

Maharlika was a pop-up filipino brunch restaurant. Due to its popularity among food bloggers, reservations were hard to come by. So imagine my surprise when Ding announced he had a reservation for 10. We were skeptical. However, Ding assured us he had spoken to a nice filipino man on the phone guaranteeing the restaurant would be able to accommodate our party on the specified date. The day we were supposed to eat at Maharlika was July 24. I remember it well, because that day it took me 20 minutes to cross fifth avenue due to the legalization of gay marriage parade. I was trying to get to Pho32, because at 8AM we received an email from Alicia announcing that Maharlika didn't actually exist anymore. Apparently Ding had made an imaginary reservation while hallucinating for a nonexistent restaurant. I was certain Alicia was going to beat him in the ass.

Anyway, REAL Maharlika was quite good. Adding insult to injury, Ding peaced out after scarfing down his yummy looking sizzling sisig. Something about work and a file. Who knows what it really was. The rest of us feasted on ethnic delights. There were poached eggs over giant prawns, skirt steak and eggs, corned beef hash and eggs, and mango french toast. The restaurant also supplied an uncanny amount of condiments. No one had any idea what any of them were or what they were supposed to accompany, but we dutifully photo-documented them like good asians. Brunch was especially light and upbeat this month. We welcomed newcomers Tony Chon and Joy Chen, and Sae no longer carried the terrible burden of banking, lifting his spirits to never before seen heights. Tim and Alicia returned sun-kissed from their reenactment of Casablanca in Morocco. And, well, everyone else who is usually pretty happy still was.

sizzling sisig with egg $16

mango stuffed french toast $13

eggs imelda $16

barrio breakfast $13

eggs benigno $12

ilog breakfast with skirt steak $12

Maharlika Filipino Moderno
111 First Avenue (& Seventh St)
New York, NY 10012

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