Monday, November 7, 2011

HPC12: Resto

Ask any hungry panda, any real hungry panda, HPC 4 at Marc Forgione was the best value and most delicious of all the brunches so far. Something about the family style dining resonates with the Asian in all of us. In order to recreate that magic, we tried the $22 prix fixe at Resto.


Appetizers included:

dutch baby with powdered sugar and lemon

calabro ricotta, honey, toast, black pepper

boudin noir, toast, butter

deviled eggs, crispy pork toast

The last time I had the dutch baby at Resto it was extremely oily and heavy. This time around tasted how it does in my imagination, light, sugary, buttery. The deviled eggs were the clear winner of the appetizers, they were unbelievably creamy and flavorful. It broke my heart when Ding dropped that yolk ambrosia on the table...what a waste. People were split between the two toasts. Personally, I thought the ricotta was delicious, a much needy sweetness to cut through a very heavy blood sausage and crispy pork toast.

Round 2:

bibb lettuce salad with chives and dijon vinaigrette

belgian hangover pasta, vermont ham, gruyere, sunny egg

liege waffle with apricot jam
resto burgers

Alicia really dropped the ball on this one, substituting the chicken and waffles for hamburgers. Who does that!? I can understand wanting the avoid the waffle redundancy, but switch out the liege waffles (which were basically waffle shaped sawdust), never trade fried chicken! She owes Sae an apology, he was looking forward to those chicken and waffles all week to fill the homesick void left by Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles.

An ambiguous plate eggs arrived at our table, apparently they were supposed to go on the hangover pasta; however, Lu(cifer) ingeniously used it to top his burger. Brilliant.

Anyway, everything else was fine, not as good as the appetizers. Resto might not be a destination restaurant (unless you are getting the whole suckling pig large format meal) but it's a great place for the neighborhood.

Welcome newcomers: Alice Wu, Hanna Kang, and her roommate Christyna.

Any suggestions for more family style brunches? What's next, HPC: Paintball?


111 East 29th Street
New York, NY 10016

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