Wednesday, January 18, 2012

HPC13: Pylos

Another HPC, another chance for Alicia to shoot down all of my recommendations and inevitably choose the restaurant that she's been "meaning to go to". Whatever, HPC 13 is dedicated to oori chingoo Dan Cho, first time HPC'er, long time friend and new bro Quantum of Solis. Cho, who quested for something so elusive that it has escaped him for almost 4 years. This time, he brought along many compatriots to share in the adventure; spirits were willing, however flesh was weak. The quest was ultimately unsuccessful, foiled, as most things are, by Martin Luther King Jr. But along the way, concubines were slayed, faces were slashed, and clothing may or may not have been removed. 10 of us stumbled into Pylos for a decent Greek brunch, weary eyed, hungover, bungover, even festooned in the previous night's attire. Apparently, Pylos is Greek for "slow service", or maybe that's just the culture in Peloponnese. Drink orders were lost and dishes were slow to arrive. I would have been upset, but our waiter had a pair of really awesome glasses that seemed to soothe all of my rage. Fortunately, the couch portion of the table was incredibly comfortable and made the wait bearable. All-in-all $15 dollars is a great deal for coffee, orange juice, and an entree in a spacious venue atypical of E.Vill.

hpc @ pylos

wicked potted ceiling

Something about the night before made us ravenous the next morning. A dish of butter and jam was served to us, but nothing to spread it on. What a tease! Of course Ding selfishly ordered himself a dish of meatballs that looked freaking amazing; unfortunately, no one else will ever know how good they were...the majority of our party ordered the frittata, grilled cheese, or moussaka. The frittata had a really delicious Greek sausage that was perfectly salty. Unfortunately, the grilled cheese was more of a rolled up pizza, reminiscent of the now shuttered K! pizza cone. Moussaka is always the same, quite frankly, Greek food in general usually tastes the same, always that weird vinegary grape leaves that I hate so much.

ding's balls


greek island frittata

greek grilled cheese sandwich

panda group shot #1

panda group shot #2

Amazing/Epic/Historic HPC#14 to help ring in the year of the dragon next week!

128 East 7th Street
New York, NY 10009, USA

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