Tuesday, February 7, 2012

HPC15: Kittichai

hpc @ kittichai

...and we're back!  HPC had special international guests and we wanted to show them the magic of brunch in NYC.  Kittichai has a great lunch prix-fixe for the very reasonable price of $25 per person.  The restaurant itself is located in the SoHo Thompson hotel.  It's a really gorgeous space, the best way to describe it would be if the final scene from Kill Bill Vol I was set 50 years in the future.  This is the pool located in the center of the restaurant, or at least I think the pool is what Sae was snapping...

interior pool... or is it?

We were seated in a cozy nook of the restaurant, decorative dividers gave the impression we had a private room.   The service was terrific and efficient, deftly navigating the narrow area while serving up coffee and thai iced tea.  The best part of the thai iced tea was the customizability, (note to other restaurants), I love simple syrup on the side, everyone does not have the same sweet tooth!

hpc @ kittichai

This meal was served family-style, something not easily found in NYC, believe me, we've tried.  All our favorite dining experiences have been in this format (Marc Forgione, Resto), so if you guys know any good ones, please let us know in the comments!  The food came out very quickly, starting things off with a Thai spiced butternut squash soup, baby back ribs, and Thai mussels.  The soup was thick and tasty, more akin to apple sauce in texture.  The mussels were probably my favorite bite, very clean tasting, so much so that it may have cured me of my fear of mussels since getting food poisoning at the Mussel Pot.

thai spiced butternut squash soup

baby back ribs, mekhong whiskey barbeque sauce

thai mussels

Main courses were pan seared Mahi Mahi, chicken in green curry, and hangar steak & green beans.  Due to the abundance of Hawaiians in NYC we are all very familiar with Mahi Mahi, I love that firm texture.  Seriously, a ton of Hawaiians.  Hangar steak is always great, my favorite cut of beef, so flavorful and underused.

organic chicken in green curry, thai eggplant and sweet basil

pan seared mahi mahi, rich red coconut curry

chili-smoked hanger steak, long beans, preserved chili jam

Desserts were the most polarizing, while everyone loved the coconut tuille on the caramel flan, we couldn't reach a consensus on a table favorite ice cream.  Though the correct answer is coconut sorbet.  At the end of the meal we were mysteriously billed for a naan that no one would claim to have ordered.  Pretty sure it was one of the new comers and they were too embarrassed to own up to it.  It's all good pandas, we all love naan and it would have been great to soak up the green curry with.

coconut creme caramel with coconut tuille

chef's selection of ice creams and sorbets

hpc @ kittichai

Special mention to the great service and reception we received.  The waiter came to chat with us at the end of the meal as she regaled us with stories of epic parties she attended with diners and made sure we all root for the Giants.  One waitress even escorted Ding to the nearest ATM, apparently he looks the type to get shanked in broad daylight.

60 Thompson Street
New York, NY 10012

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