Wednesday, February 1, 2012

HPC14: Tung Shing House

Do you ever notice that non-Chinese get significantly better service at Chinese restaurants? In trying to make our reservation we were met with inflexibility and rudeness, even though we were a group of 24! We should have never let Ding speak Chinese...on the other hand, there was a single white lady dressed up like she was the freaking emperor from Mulan, and I swear, she was high fiving the wait staff and going in and out of the kitchen, we couldn't tell if she worked there or not. I've been told it's because Chinese people are apparently bad tippers, so I suppose it's understandable. Maybe in the past, but I can't imagine that is universally true today and the wait staff would continue that favoritism.

The food left something to be desired. But that doesn't matter because when you get 24 people together, some of which are your close friends and the rest new faces, it's going to be a good time!

Dinner actually started really strong with a (excuse my borrowing of a cali phrase) bomb ass appetizer plate. I can't even identify all six things. I know there was some jellyfish, cold chicken, mock duck, and other mysterious deliciousness. This was followed by "lobster with XO sauce" and "steak with scallions". But i'm pretty sure it came out as "lobster with scallions" and "steak with XO sauce". Both dishes were pretty delicious, so much so that some people ate more than their share. I'm not going to "blow up her spot", but it rhymes with Malicia. Luckily empty lobster shells don't lie.

tung shing six cold appetizers

lobster with xo sauce


crabmeat & fish maw soup

The remaining dishes were downhill from there. We had a solid pre-made "duck burrito". The "crabmeat & fish maw soup" was essentially cornstarch water with shredded imitation crab meat, whereas the "steam fresh fish" was doused in sweet n sour chicken sauce. wtf...ok to be honest, at first I thought it was gross but as I continued eating, it was kind of a novel experience. I'm sure they weren't going for this play on americanized and authentic chinese food, but it was weirdly good nonetheless. This was followed by some standard chicken, and that dish with the vegetables, oysters, and seaweed. I loathe that type of seaweed, it looks like hair.

peking duck burrito

"fresh" fish


oysters, seawood, and bok choy

horrific sea cucumbers

The pièce de résistance was the sea cucumber. It's hard to believe that quivering sack of mucus was once a living creature. Lu made sure to "educate" us on the sea cucumber's defense mechanism of squirting its intestines at predators, while we were eating mind you. I think this picture pretty much sums up the entire experience.
skimbo slice versus the sea cucumbers

It tastes innocuous, sort of like dotorimuk for all you koreans, or acorn jelly. This was followed by rice cakes with what looked like a pesto sauce on top. They were bland and unappetizing, but gave me a great idea for a Chinese-Italian fusion restaurant. Last dish was fried rice with cranberries, oddly appealing. The dinner ended with that black bean ball soup that no one really likes and a plate of unripe fruit.

bamboo shoots with rice cakes

egg and cranberry fried rice

black sesame tang yuan soup

HPC 14 was a logistical nightmare. The menu is designed for 10 people, so we obviously needed multiples of 10. We had 30, but due to severe flaking our party was in the danger zone between 20-30 people. Luckily we were able to cram in 12 people per table and it seemed to be enough food. Really great job on Ding's part, it could not have been easy mobilizing 24 people, into another borough nonetheless!

What was most memorable about this HPC was really just hanging out with new people...El Tigre, Dr. Joyce, Very Berry Mary, Jeneral So, Duckie, Douchebag DeCosta, Namir the Chowhound, Eugene (Geno)..some of these people I already knew but it was all their first HPC and it was nice to do something different. While I only caught patches of what was happening at Sae's table, I'm pretty sure I heard the story of Ding & Sae vs. 7 dudes in Japan, some girl putting him in a headlock, and something from Chris "Duckie" Chang regarding "bottles".

We discussed the future of HPC on the subway ride home. There are some really exciting things on the horizon!

gentlemen and ladies table

"bro" (singles, more fun) table

happy chinese new year from the hungry pandas!

Tung Shing House
97-45 Queens Blvd
Rego Park, NY 11374


  1. HPC: Not afraid of calling out crappy food since 2010

  2. Pics actually look better than how it tasted

  3. You would have been better off going to East Ocean Palace on Queens Blvd. Also TSH closed down (supposedly due to renovation work in the entire building).

    1. Thanks for the tip! We'll remember that for next time