Tuesday, March 27, 2012

HPC17: Momofuku Bo Ssam

I've wanted to eat the bo ssam at Momofuku since i've moved to New York.  I fulfilled that dream last week, and it was one of the most unique, delicious, and fulfilling eating experiences I've ever had.

The whole meal was very visceral and gratifying.  Tearing shreds of fatty luscious pork, piling pork and rice and condiments onto lettuce cups, devouring each wrap with bare hands.  Well, I used bare hands, I don't know about everyone else.  I feel it would have tasted significantly worse if some sort of utensil was involved.  The same is not true of Indian food.  The ginger scallion was by far the best condiment.  Although strangely oily, it lubricated and elevated the wrap to an entirely new level of deliciousness.  

I honestly don't think that the oyster inside the lettuce wrap really added anything extra.  I feel an oyster was better served as a cleanser between wraps 2 and 3 to serve as a break from the fatty pork.  Yes I had two.  I almost forgot about the duck buns in the haze of pork infatuation.  They were ok, definitely not better than pork buns.

I would say that David Chang is the progenitor of large format, family style dining.  What I mean to say is he made it extremely popular first with bo ssam, then fried chicken dinner, and ultimately beef 7 ways.  I've had all three and bo ssam was definitely the most delicious.  I hear there is a whole duck meal now too, but it's hard to justify $140 for a duck when a whole one from Chinatown would fetch $20, and I can't imagine Chang's duck tasting 7 times better.

Note to group: do more large format, possibly whole pig at Resto or Breslin.  

Momofuku Ssam Bar
207 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10003

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