Wednesday, April 16, 2014

HPC21: Resto Whole Pig

HPC used to primarily be a brunch club but that was too narrow in focus and limited the awesome meals we could have with our larger group size.  Case in point, the Resto nose-to-tail large format feast.

The premise is simple: tell them how many people you have along with what animal you want to consume and the kitchen will "compose an elaborate nose-to-tail meal for you and your friends".  Resto is different from other large formats in the city as they try to create a variety of dishes out of the animal rather than putting the entire beast on the table for everyone to pick at.  You lose a lot of the shock and awe of ripping apart an entire animal, but you gain in flavor diversity, civility as well i suppose.

The first courses were bite size pork nuggets which were nice with the crunch of the skin.  The mini pita full of meat was a nice sample of things to come.  Lastly, the mini T-bone was forgettable, as i literally forgot I ate it until I looked at the pictures.

i don't remember what anything is. so this is pork #1

this will be pork #2

pork #3

I must say the time between the courses was pretty long considering the restaurant was almost empty and they sat us 30 minutes late.  The complimentary glass of prosecco was an appreciated gesture.

Second course was a crunchy rib, a very porky chop with argula salad and a kale salad.  I was surprised with the amount of roughage Resto gave to us to accompany the meat because it's known to be a very meat-centric restaurant.  The place next door is even called cannibal.

pork #4 and arugula salad

pork #5

kale salad? maybe?

The main course was two large plates of pork leg, pork shoulder, and brussel sprouts; a plate of the pig head split down the center; farro salad; and roasted beet salad.  All the skin on the leg and shoulder was super crunchy and delicious, that naturally went first.  Being a table of asians, we cleaned off the skull cavity for equal parts curiosity and value.  The cheek being the most delicious bite of the night.  Sorry for whoever didn't get a taste, core member privileges and all.

pork #6

The girls seemed to love dessert the most.  Hazlenut ice cream with banana sorbet, whipped cream and chocolate sauce.  It was really pretty good and an interesting idea to have individual desserts for a large format meal.  I imagine if that hadn't been the case some unidentified girl would have eaten far more than her share.  A great end to a solid meal.

hazelnut ice cream with banana sorbet, whipped cream & drizzled chocolate sauce

As we get older, let's do less binge drinking and more binge eating.

jaz the beast

last hpc with saehan! we love you sae

111 E 29th St
New York, NY 10016

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